Our Works


1.  Shahid Jo Anjaan Rahe  |Unknown Martyrs1996

About the brutal massacre of the indigenous persons in which an ex-parliamentarian Fr. Anthony Murmu and thirteen others were killed in Banjhi, Sahibjang Dist. of Jharkhand.


2. Ek Hadsa Aur Bhi | Yet Another Accident | 1997

About a dam disaster in 1997 in Palamau district of Jharkhand which claimed 19 lives

3.  Janha Chiti Lari Hathi Se | Where Ants are Fighting Elephants|1998 

4.  Hamare Gaon me Humara RaajTribal Self Rule| 2000

On Panchayati Raj Extension in Scheduled Areas Act 1996. The film deals with the Grama Sabha movement.


5.  Development flows from the Barrel of the Gun | 2003 

About violation of human rights of indigenous people due to development projects.


6.   From Kalinga to Kashipur |2004

On the people’s struggle against an aluminum factory in Kashipur block of Koraput district in Orissa .

7.  Kora Rajee  |The land of the diggers| 2005

A film on tribals working in tea gardens of Assam in Kurukh language.


8.  Gadi Lohardaga Mail | 2006

Nostalgic songs on the narrow gauge. Lohardaga passenger train which became history in January 2004 


9. Khorar desher joler kotha |Story of water from the land of drought |2007

On best practices of preservation and use of water in Puruila a drought prone district of West-Bengal

10.   Power for change | 2007

11.   100 Din Milega Kaam |100 days of work for you| 2009 

Is a film on National Rural Employment Guarantee Act that promises to provide 100 days of work in the rural area and what is the ground reality.


12.   Ek Ropa Dhan | 2010
Is a film on SRI method of rice cultivation, that explains how productivity can be increased by just changing the process of cultivation .

13.   Mukta Gyana Kutir | 2010
Is a film on alternative education for tribal girls who were dropout from regular schools. In the remote area of Orissa.

14.  Sona Gahi Pinjra |The Golden Cage| 2011                                                             

This Kurukh film portrays about those people who desire to participate in their village festivals, but are deprived because of their job. The film depicts how mobile phone becomes the living link in this situation.


15.  Accumulated Injustice |2012                                                                                                           Adivasi people’s living condition on the dark side of Rourkela Steel Plant.


16.  Taking Side | 2015
For centuries people have laid down their life taking side with the oppressed.This film is the story of Sr. Valsa John.She was Born in Kerala and worked for the Adivasi of Jharkhand.She lead the struggle against the coal mining and laid down her life.


17.  THE HUNT  | 2015                                                                                                                             Naxalism has spread into many parts of India. Tribal inhabitants do not want to give up their ancestral land at any cost. Tribal, who are part of the movement to save their land are being branded as Naxalites and this whole exercise is called as ‘Operation Green Hunt’. This operation has come down as hazard for innocent tribal of these areas. During ‘Operation Green Hunt’, 6000 innocent people in Jharkhand, 17000 in Chhattisgarh and 2000 in Orissa have been put into jails with the false accusation of being Maoist supporters.


18.  Naachi Se Baachi |Those who Dance will Survive| 2017  

In his lifetime itself Dr. Ram DayalMunda has become a symbol of indigenous cultural reawakening. Born in an Adivasi Family of Tamar in Jharkhand he went for his higher studies in The United States of America. Later, he taught at the University of Minnesota. He came back to India to teach at Tribal and Regional Language Department of Ranchi University and subsequently became the Vice Chancellor of the same University. Ram DayalMunda was the leading intellectual who has contributed to Jharkhand movement immensely. Dr. Munda has represented Adivasi voices in RajyaShabha and United Nations. He has been awarded with Sahitya Academy Award and Padmashree in 2009. He passed away on September 2011.


19.  Mundari Srishtikatha | 2018

Unlike us, our children have missed the opportunity to hear folklore from their elders. Folklore helps and give us dignity and self esteem and is helpful in building our personality. This is AKHRA’s humble effort to narrate the creation myths. These stories were created thousands of years ago when is science was not as developed as it is today. So we must enjoy them, but always keep a scientific approach to life.

20. Jharia | The Spring | 2018

It’s a film about an eighty-five-year-old man, Simon Uraon, The Water Man from Jharkhand who has been working relentlessly on water management and environmental protection in the villages of Jharkhand since he was fourteen.