In the beginning of 90’s some youth sat to evaluate the
development in Adivasi (tribal) society. It was felt that although adivasi society has
advanced in the field of government services and in sports but we do not have enough
presence it the intellectual field , ie. in the fields of literature and journalism. So it was
decided to develop a group to work in this direction and this is how AKHRA was born in
1996. AKHRA –Traditionally has been an open space in the village for community meeting
and entertainment, in old days it was basically a seat of learning. Unlike the traditional
Ashram system, where the master used to choose the disciples, AKHRA was accessible to
all. AKHRA– Today, is a group of committed persons, mostly indigenous youths, working in
the field of culture, communication and human rights issues of indigenous (tribal) peoples in
India, in general, and Jharkhand, in particular.

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